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Participation in International educational forum
12 - 14 March 2018 on the basis of the Samara state agricultural Academy, the jubilee international educational forum known as the Week of agribusiness. The delegation of the FEDERAL state scientific institution "Povolzhsky NIISS" composed of the Director of the Institute K. S.-agricultural Sciences Kincharov A. I., head of laboratory of selection and seed breeding of spring wheat K. S.-H. B. Demina, E. A. and head of the laboratory of introduction, breeding fodder and oilseeds K. S.-.x.N. Catarineu A. V. took part in this important event .
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Scientists of our Institute delivered lectures on agronomy and technology sections of the forum, spoke about new varieties of grain and forage crops breeding RAMS "Povolzhsky NIISS", the specifics of breeding work at the Institute, about the varietal potential of crops for farms in the region.