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The Ministry of agriculture plans to actively encourage farmers to treat derelict land.
The Ministry of agriculture of Russia proposed to increase subsidies for farmers, reviving neglected areas of up to 2 billion rubles per year. We are preparing the relevant amendments to the state program of development of agriculture.
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In Russia, 2.31 million hectares of land in need of reclamation. Last year in agriculture was returned to 70 thousand hectares. This year the allocated money (431,7 million) will be enough for the processing of 57 thousand hectares of abandoned lands. The Agency wants return to annual turnover of 200 thousand hectares. At this pace, according to experts, to restore all the abandoned land will be possible in 12 years.

The Ministry of agriculture has estimated that the annual recovery of 200 thousand hectares of land have almost 4.5 billion rubles. Half of this amount, the state will be able to pay as non-repayable grants. The majority (43%) should be allocated from the Federal budget, the rest — from the regional.

The Union of water and land reclamation announced that the restoration of 200 thousand hectares is not enough allocated 2 billion. The subsidy, according to the Chairman of the Union Nikolay Dry, shall be not less than 4 billion, then the business will be ready to invest twice.

We will remind that on land reclamation in the Saratov region in the budget of 2018 pledged 337 million rubles. This money, according to the calculations of the regional Ministry of agriculture, enough to return to the turnover of 7.6 thousand hectares of land.


Source: https://nversia.ru

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