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In Bashkiria operates state support for the purchase of agricultural drones and drones.
Entrepreneurs consider innovation unnecessary.
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For entrepreneurs of Bashkortostan state support for the acquisition of innovative agriculture. However, the cost of their purchase is not justified, the products pays off for too long. This was stated by the Director of AgTech Ventures Roman Trofimov on passing in these days Agricultural forum: "most of the projects that were under development, drones, drones, biotechnology is things that don't shoot now, shoot they are only five or six years. They're neither collect money nor to become self-supporting".

In global agribusiness for the past year invested over $ 6 billion, including Russia – 15 million To resolve the problems of the industry in the world launched 11 thousand startups in Russia – about 200. According to the Executive Director of "Soyuzmoloko" Artem Belov, the country now has a competitive advantage. There is an opportunity to modernize agriculture and to introduce modern technology. However, this step is very risky "Appears in two, three years innovative solutions that will make a revolution. That's the question really remains the most important. Because the revolution is a question of Economics. And will we be able again to invest what we invested in our agriculture, this is a great question."

As noted by Rustem Khamitov, the introduction of biotechnology in Bashkiria this year has allocated 19 billion roubles for the development of the farm – will Add 20 billion, the country is actively developing the system of electronic cards: we assessed 40% of the objects in the region. A couple of years Republican plan to create an information analysis system, which is integrated into the Federal.

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Wednesday, 21 March 2018
12:22 The Russian company of food processing machinery debuted at the largest industry exhibition in Germany. To promote the products of companies specialized machinery in overseas markets Association "Rosspetsmash" together with the Ministry of industry and trade and REC organize their participation in major international exhibitions and conducting business missions in foreign countries. Practice shows that companies that actively participate in these events achieve the greatest success in developing its exports. Director of the exhibition Anuga FoodTec – 2018 Mathias Schluter said that he was glad to see the Russian exposition at the trade fair, noting for the first time the participation of companies from Russia. The equipment of Russian factories in the first day attracted the interest of exhibitors. In particular, entrepreneurs from Japan, China and India are very interested in the products to manufacturers "AMATA SCALE" and "TAURAS-FENIX", which are included in the Association "Rosspetsmash". "AMATA SCALE" at Anuga FoodTec demonstrates the latest machine in the field of packaging and quality control of products: multihead weigher KATE-214-R and a checkweigher-metal detector AMATA-MD-CW. Products TAURAS-FENIX is the packing equipment pitpak М3М. In addition, the exhibition presents innovative food equipment "CLASS-ENGINEERING", member of "Rossium" company "Typhoon innovation", as well as packaging products companies "IMPRESS ART" and "Prom-UPAK". The participation of domestic plants at international exhibitions traditionally brings new foreign contracts are not only for companies that are already actively exporting their products, but those who first demonstrates his own technique to the largest foreign industry forums. Reference: Anuga FoodTec takes place every three years, this frequency fully corresponds to the update cycle in the market of food engineering. The exhibition presents innovations and advanced solutions at all stages of the production cycle - from raw materials and processes of its processing to the most high-tech processes. The organizers expect that the forum will be attended by over 1500 companies will present new technologies, machines and equipment for production, processing and packaging of food and beverages, and more than 45,000 visitors from around the world. Detailed information about Russian exhibition debuted at the largest industry exhibition in Germany.
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