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GK "Molvest" the beginning of the sowing
SHP "Novomoskovskoe", entering into group of companies "Molvest" commenced sowing barley. The main focus in the household are doing on fodder crops. Solid population – about 16.5 thousand animals, preferring a diet based on silage-hay feeding. The company intends to fully meet the company's own feed.
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We understand that we have a lot of quality milk, essential nutrients and at the same time, inexpensive food, — said General Director of the company "Molvest" Anatoly Losev. — Our company set up a full production cycle from feed production and milk-raw materials sales of finished milk products of different brands, in particular, "Vkusnoteevo". Thus, we monitor the quality nashey products at every stage, starting with the fact that ate a cow.

Today on the farm "Molvest" contains more than 24,000 cows. All farms located in the Voronezh region. Everywhere are for fertilizing winter wheat and perennial grasses. Sowing campaign starts from the southern outskirts of the region, but on the days the North will begin on the largest dairy farm in Europe – AES "Milk of the earth", located in the Anninsky district.

To obtain good harvest of "Molvest" increase the cost of cultivation and protection of plants, thus increasing yields. For example, over the past 4 years the yield of grain SHP "Novomoskovskoe" has doubled.

The total cultivated arable land company "Molvest" in 2018:
Kantemirovsky area of 34,000 hectares
Verkhnemamonsky district - 4 100 ha
Anninsky area - 20,000 ha
Be grown are: wheat, barley, sunflower, maize for silage and for grain, annual and perennial grasses, and sugar beet.


The total area of farmland of the company is about 70 000 hectares

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