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In January and February of 2018, the export of agricultural products from Russia grew by 32%
In the first two months of the current year volumes of export of agricultural products in value terms amounted to 3.13 billion dollars, which is more than in 2017 at $ 759 million, or 32%
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The main exported products, as in the previous year, steel grains, fish and seafood, and products of oil and fat industry and confectionery.

Exports of wheat amounted to about 5.8 million tons for $ 1 billion, exceeding the indicators of 2017, 80%, or $ 455 million. The main importer of Russian wheat was Egypt, which increased the volume of purchases by 67% to 1.7 million tons.

More than 4 times increase in wheat purchases by Turkey (up to 938 thousand tons), Vietnam (up to 237 thousand tonnes), Latvia (to 174 thousand tonnes).

Soybean oil exports grew 40% to 97 thousand tonnes, rapeseed oil – by 40% soybeans 2.6% to 217 thousand tons.

In the beginning of 2018 continued emerging in 2017, the trend of increasing exports of chocolate confectionery products in January-February exported 30.5 thousand tons for the sum of 84 million dollars, which is more than in the same period of 2017 33% (37% in monetary terms). Leaders in import of chocolate confectionery products of the Russian production are China, which accounted for 16% of Russian exports.

The export of agricultural products and creation of conditions for its development – one of the main directions of further growth of agricultural production. Currently, Russia has established a system of support of export of agricultural products on the basis implemented by the Government of the Russian Federation from the beginning of 2017 priority project "Export of agricultural products".

In 2017, the exported agricultural products worth about 20.7 billion dollars, which exceeded the planned value of the indicator as a priority project by 11.5% (17.9 billion us dollars. by the end of 2017).

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