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"Home lunch" from "Provence-bakery"
The bakery "Provence bakery" appeared delicious hearty soups, made only from natural ingredients
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From today the visitors of farm shops "Ismail" and brand of the store s"Dmitrogorsky product" in the village of rzhavka on the Leningrad highway, in an intimate setting can enjoy a delicious homemade lunch: soup with choice of beef and gourmet tomato soup with farmer's croutons and vegetables will certainly appreciate the most demanding gourmets.
Soups from "the Provence bakery" will complement our existing lunch menu: sandwiches, rolls and salads, and visitors of farm shops to fully feel in the home atmosphere.
Attentive sales of farm stalls offer soups and freshly baked muffin of Borodino.
News from "the Provence bakery" sold in a convenient kraftova Cup with transparent lid, so they are also ideally suited as a full lunch in the office or at home.
"We have developed a line of soups for our buyer to enjoy a full lunch in our cafe, - says Director of "Provence-bakery" Natalia Kolesnikova. Our chefs approached the issue creatively and using only natural products, now daily provides healthy and delicious homemade soups. In the near future the menu will have pickle, but in the summer will definitely please visitors "Nearby Slides" cold and easy soup".

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