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"Miratorg" has produced 1 841 ton of pink veal in the 1st quarter of 2018
APH Miratorg, the leading manufacturer of main types of meat in Russia reports that the farm is for rearing of dairy cattle has made 1 841 ton of pink beef in live weight in the first quarter of this year
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Infrastructure project "Miratorg" for rearing dairy cattle is unique for Russia: it is the only Russian farm producing pink veal in industrial scale. The project was launched in January 2017 on the basis of the dairy farm "Blagodatnensky" that is part of the holding in 2017, the company produced 2 486 tons of pink veal.
On the farm for rearing of cattle contains about 19 300 heads. Of these, 316 calves are train livestock private dairy farm of the agricultural holding, the rest is supplied by milk producers from 22 regions of the Russian Federation.
Dairy calves arrive on the farm at the age of three days and fattened by a special technology that allows up to the age of eight months not only to get the natural pink color of the meat, but to produce a high quality product containing a large percentage of easily digestible proteins and valuable minerals. In fattening calves are used only natural food without the use of hormones and growth stimulants.
"We see growing demand for this kind of products and planned in 2018 to increase production capacity to 7 800 tons, while also considering the possibility of opening in the next few years 2 more farms for the production of pink veal," - said the press service of the holding.

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