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Polish farmers demand to compensate for the losses from the disaster and ASF.
May 9 across the country have been farmers ' protests, organized by the Polish Union. They require restriction of food imports, payment of compensation for damage to fishing animals and the elements. In the list of requirements is provided for the payment of compensation to all the breeders whose animals were killed due to African swine fever.
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Farmers believe the question of payment of compensation for damage to their crops damage unresolved. Many can't wait to put them money. Similar situation last year with the losses caused by torrential rains: the damage was assessed, but the money is still not paid. In this regard, the protesters demand change of the law in the field of damage assessment and compensation.

In the list of requirements is provided for the payment of compensation to all farmers whose animals were slaughtered due to ASF. As explained by the breeders, on the Eastern border of the 108 destroyed herds of compensation was paid only in 26 cases. The reason is the bias data of the system of identification and registration of animals.

Protesters seek debt relief from farmers. They require simplification of procedures in the Agency for the restructuring and modernization of agriculture in regard to the Programme of rural development and the availability of funds.

The list is also a requirement to cease consideration of a bill to ban the breeding of fur-bearing animals and ritual slaughter. Farmers are reminded that Poland is the third in the world and second in Europe manufacturer of fur-bearing animals. People want at least 50% of food products sold in the stores, came from Poland.

Protests of Polish farmers continues unabated. In December last year in connection with the deteriorating position of pig producers in the quarantine zones Achs Sapolski Association of trade unions of farmers organized a March on Warsaw with the participation of 3,000 people This spring they have demanded the resignation of the Minister of agriculture. To Express dissatisfaction in an open form this year and become the staff of the veterinary services - they massively went on a short vacation, demanding to raise wages and increase staff.

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