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Freight report, 19 week.
Region: Volga-don basin, the Azov sea, Black sea, Caspian sea Tonnage: Bonfire
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World Cup football is preparing to make adjustments to the work of Russian Exporters. Thus, the greatest concern is the uncertainty associated with the information on the introduction of the schedule of closing and opening the boundaries of the port Azov, for the duration of the Championships. This can lead to delays in the process of inspection of ships and issuance of relevant documents at the border, and thus to the accumulation of tonnage on the roads of the port.
In such circumstances, Shipowners will avoid calls in Azov during the world Cup, especially on match days and restrictions navigation for fear of downtime tonnage. Theoretically, this could lead to rising rates, but given current market conditions, many participants assume that the owners rossofuoco tonnage will take flight on Iran to exclude from the route Azov port. And the rates in the Azov region, and so are at the annual minimum.
19 week in the Azov basin there is a large amount of spot tonnage, which owners expect to offer and willing to consider almost any direction. However, Traders admit that it is practically completed their export programs, and are mostly interested in the displays at the beginning of the high grain season (July-August) than the rates for spot tonnage now. All of this continues to put pressure on the freight market, where last week the Owners were ready to begin work at the rate of $ 12 per flight on the basis of Temryuk-Maramara. Now the level of freight on the basis of Rostov – Marmara fell to $ 17 per tonne of wheat.
In the Caspian region also began a period of intensive decline in freight. The market is strongly influenced by the dumping from competitors, the owners of the fleet with the Iranian flag. Because the supply of goods in the region very low, having the benefits of call in Iran, such Shipowners deliberately understate the stakes in the Iranian direction. This leads to a General subsidence of freight rates, including from the river, as many ship-Owners and Charterers when calculating the Economics of flight with the river ports in Iran are based on rates from Astrakhan. Therefore, on 19 week, the rate on the route Astrakhan – Iran is $ 31 per tonne of wheat, which is $ 2 less than last week.



A table with the rates of freight can be downloaded HERE
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