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Roskoshestvo revealed the substitution of ethyl alcohol cheaper alternatives to 30% cognac.
The check was attended by about 50 brandy brands manufactured in Russia and abroad.
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Roskoshestvo completed a large-scale test of cognac in the Russian retail and came to the conclusion that every third brandy made from grape alcohol, and cheaper counterparts. This is stated in the message of the organization according to test results.

Check Roskoshestvo was attended by 47 brandy brands manufactured in Russia and abroad. It turned out that the manufacture of 15 of the finest cognacs used wheat or potato alcohol, but to legally call it a fake in composition is not due to gaps in legislation, the report says.



"According to GOST today it is established that the brandy must be produced using the distillation of table wine materials produced from grapes and aged in contact with oak wood not less than three years. However, this standard does not have to support the list method for the determination of the nature of wine (that means the substitution of ethyl alcohol)", - said the Deputy head of Roskoshestvo Elena Saradzev.

To detect spoofing the experts were able, by determining the ratio of isotopes of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. In this regard, Roskoshestvo believes that Guest on cognac it is necessary to fix as a requirements method for determining the origin of the alcohol, which was used in their study, the experts of the organization.

In General all tested the brandy was safe for the consumer: the quality of raw materials and the degree of its cleaning from the experts complaints not caused. Mass concentration of methyl alcohol, arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury indicators in all samples are within the permissible limits. However, not all manufacturers have been tested on the contents of synthetic dyes and fragrances that unscrupulous manufacturers use in order to "ennoble" the beverage, not receiving the desired indicators of taste, color and aroma in the process of aging. The flavors were detected in five samples.

Test of cognac showed that in all samples it is at the level of 40-40,3%, which corresponds to the norm. Incomplete filling of the experts are also not found.

The study of cognac was launched on behalf of the government. Alexander Khloponin, who oversaw the then government in the alcoholic market, told reporters that the share of counterfeit cognac in the Russian market can reach up to 40%.

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