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Medvedev: the Russian business is increasingly restricted on world markets on false grounds.
Without legal procedure, the business is in the international black lists, which entails significant losses for bona fide companies, said the Prime Minister.
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Against Russian companies increasingly introduced restrictions in world markets on the basis of false evidence and news. This was stated by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, speaking at the St. Petersburg international legal forum (SPILF).

"We increasingly see introduced unjustified extraterritorial limits, which are based on deliberately falsified "evidence", as I like to say some politicians are known - the so-called fake news (about news - approx. TASS). And these stuffing information through social networks, Internet resources, through the reports of various non-profit organizations mimic authenticity," - said Medvedev. As a result, he continued, "without any legal proceedings the business is in the international black lists, and this causes substantial losses for conscientious companies to thousands of investors around the world."

"The reason is quite obvious, it is quite prosaic - it's not even politics, it is the desire to eliminate competitors, which is covered by a massive information campaign", - said Medvedev.

According to him, in this situation all the more urgent becomes the problem of the quality of international justice. "We need consistency in judicial practice, the lack of double standards in the work of the international tribunals, the need for effective judicial protection, which is based on the universal procedural principles of adversarial proceedings, equality of the parties, the accuracy and completeness of the evidence, independence and transparency of the judges themselves", - said Medvedev.

"Today we need to negotiate the rules of fair play (fair, fair game - approx. TASS), which will be observed by all players: and to the legal profession, and individuals and entire Nations can believe in the fairness and predictability in international dispute settlement system", - concluded the Prime Minister.

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