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The problems of domestic agricultural equipment until to be discussed at the 1st all-Russian conference.
"And unless we have selhozzemel?" – a question asked of the inhabitants of our country. It was forgotten that the agricultural aviation throughout the world was and is a powerful means of intensifying agricultural production. The situation in domestic agrovila will be discussed at the 1st all-Russian conference on development of agricultural aviation in Russia on may 24 in Moscow at the exhibition HeliRussia 2018.
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Today, in modern Russia there are very few certified airlines, which continue to legally work in the fields. A large part of the aerial work performed by so-called "Chernovolenko" illegal drivers on non-certified aircraft (from motodeltoplan to have long written off "maize").
No flight school in the country gives future pilots the basics of aviation in agriculture and the future agronomists have only theoretical knowledge about this field. After a few years the condition of the aircraft will leave the last generation of pilots who have received appropriate vocational education, and Russia risks to lose a huge reservoir of experience accumulated over many years.
With a view to proposing concrete immediate steps for the revival of the national agricultural aviation, the development Fund of agriculture with the support of the Directorate of the exhibition HeliRussia 2018 holds the first in modern Russia conference on the development of agricultural aviation.
HeliRussia is an optimal venue for the conference on development of agricultural aviation, because the exhibition is annually visited by companies and professionals from the field of helicopter industry, namely, helicopters played an important role in the agricultural equipment until Soviet times and are actively used today to support agriculture in many countries of the world.
Participation in the conference was confirmed by the professionals from aviation sector and agriculture, representatives of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of transport, Rostransnadzor and the Federal air transport Agency, the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of defence. The detailed conference program and list of speakers can be found on the website of the exhibition.
Conference attendance is free subject to prior registration on the event on the exhibition website. We also remind you that the site is media accreditation.

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