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Losses of agricultural enterprises of the Udmurt Republic due to the rising fuel prices amounted to 200 million rubles.
Until the end of the year, producers will need another 15 thousand tons of diesel fuel, and 5 thousand tons of gasoline for the completion of all seasonal work.
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Losses of agricultural enterprises in Udmurtia in connection with growth of prices for fuels and lubricants amounted to 200 million rubles from the beginning of the year. This was announced by the Minister of agriculture and food of the Udmurt Republic Olga Abramova, speaking at a traditional staff meeting.

Growing up, the average price of gasoline AI-95 2004 — infographics by TASS.


"Our farmers today are overpaid 200 million rubles for the acquired diesel fuel according to may 31, 2018," she said.

Abramov said that before the end of the year the region's agricultural enterprises for the completion of all seasonal work will require 15 thousand tons of diesel fuel, and 5 thousand tons of gasoline. According to the Minister, the situation with fuel in other regions of Russia is absolutely the same. "Last week we had videoconferencing (videoconferencing) with the participation of the Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation, where all the regions that participated and attended regions across the country, announced a stunning increase of prices on combustive-lubricating materials", - said Abramov.

June 22, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has promised that the regions, if necessary, assistance will be provided to compensate the growth of prices for fuel for agricultural works.

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