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During harvest in the Ulyanovsk region will strengthen fire prevention.
Each year, the agricultural facilities up to five fires due to spontaneous combustion due to high grain moisture and the formation of large amounts of dust when working with grain that can lead to explosions.
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In the Ulyanovsk region the harvesting campaign started earlier than last year. During harvest, all municipalities will be provided special fire safety measures, reported IA REGNUMin the press service of the regional government.

The Ministry of agriculture of the region remind you that "due to weather conditions, the sowing took place with considerable delay", but "in the future the situation is normalized". Currently, farmers start harvesting crops, preparation for the harvest season. According to experts of the agricultural Department, perennial grasses mown area of more than 46 thousand hectares, which is 73.6% of the plan. Annual grasses harvested in the area of 50 hectares, stocked more than 29 thousand tons of hay, and about 60 thousand tons of haylage.

According to the government, in the region, with about 260 agricultural enterprises. According to statistics, every year the agricultural facilities up to five fires. The reason is, as a rule, thermal spontaneous combustion due to high grain moisture and the formation of large amounts of dust when working with grain that can lead to explosions.

"In the places of storage of grain it is necessary to provide conditions to protect the crop from damage and loss in case of fire. All professionals must take action in advance on the processing of wooden designs zernotoka, test fire alarm, and provide water supply," — said the Chairman of the government Alexander Smekalin at the meeting of the Commission on emergency situations.

Now the region has ten grain plants with a total production capacity of 700,4 thousand tons. According to the regional emergency Department, during inspections at agricultural enterprises revealed violations of fire safety requirements. The main problems are related to the work of automatic fire alarm systems, faults and lack of outdoor fire water.

Around the perimeter of rural settlements bordering forests and fire field plots will be opaska. Before the start of the harvest for the personnel of agricultural enterprises will be organized specialized fire drill. Measures to ensure fire safety are implemented in all municipalities. The question is on personal control of Governor Sergei Morozov.

Note that in Ulyanovsk region was hot, dry and windy weather. There is a high grade (third) of fire risk, in some municipalities operates the 4-5th class of fire danger. Since the beginning of fire season in the region eliminated 105 of wildfires.


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