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Gordeev called the suburbs, one of the leaders in the development of the food industry.
Russian Deputy Prime Minister said that businesses in the region are created using modern technologies.
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Moscow oblast is one of the leaders in the field of development of agriculture, including the introduction of digital technology. This view at the opening of a plant for the production of raw sausages "Cherkizovo" was expressed by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Gordeyev.

"Moscow oblast leaders to create the strongest clusters in the food industry," he says.

According to Gordeyev, in particular, the suburbs is a leader in the production of milk and vegetables in greenhouses, and businesses in the region are based on modern technology.

He reminded that the Moscow region has always been with the industrial system of organization of agricultural production and processing of products, however in 90-e years many enterprises have gone through a crisis and even ruined. "But it is very important that today the Moscow region is becoming a leader in many areas and is in the top 10 largest food producers, which is important given the fact that there is a huge market consumption," he said.


Gordeev called the opened plant Cherkizovo first sign of the digital economy of Russia, as the plant uses an automated system and robots. "This object is an engine for the development of agriculture," he said.

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