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The FSB said the ban on the use of foreign vessels fishing in Russia.
Regulations setting requirements for the use of foreign vessels to operate in 2011.
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Rules of law which establish requirements for the use of foreign vessels that are already in almost eight years — since 2011 (Federal law of 28 December 2010 № 420-FZ). This explanation gave the Federal security service of Russia in connection with publications in mass media about banning the use of foreign vessels for fisheries in the exclusive economic zone of Russia. Previously such claims were not filed, if the ship had the right of navigation under the state flag of the Russian Federation, and it was operated by Russian entities under agreements to bareboat Charter (chartering a vessel without crew), the newspaper "Kommersant".

The FSB reminded that the implementation of Russian legal entities commercial fishing in the marine waters of Russia using ships owned by foreign entities, not allowed. It is written in the law "On fishing and preservation of aquatic biological resources" (part 3 and 4 of article 16 and paragraph 5 of article 19 of the law). Following this, Russian special services are taking measures to prevent violations of law and protection of economic interests of the state.

We would add that the fishermen of the North and the national Association rybopromyshlennikov, businessmen and exporters are confident that this prohibition may incur additional logistic costs and affect the value of the fish.

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