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ASF has stepped into the new region of Poland.
Last week's first outbreak of the virus was confirmed in the Subcarpathian Voivodeship. This week is the second. Up to this point, the ASF was raging in the territory only four voivodeships: Podlaskie, Masovian, Lublin and Warmia-Mazury. The agricultural Minister of Poland requires farmers to abandon production.
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In the affected farms contained a total of 21 head. Laboratory analysis of samples was conducted in the reference laboratory for African swine fever in the State veterinary Institute in Pulawy. Veterinarians have been on the farms all the procedures in case of an ASF - killing and destruction of pigs and the measures for disinfection.

In connection with the occurrence of disease will be issued the appropriate order of the veterinarian on the establishment of zones of contamination and threats in connection with the ASF, and the way their designations, prohibitions and orders in force in those territories. To enable quick response of the veterinary services on the possible occurrence of outbreaks and to prevent its further spread, pig farmers will be obliged to declare to appropriate authorities of each suspected occurrence of the disease in pigs.

The ongoing offensive Achs encourages the Polish government to more drastic measures. According to the Minister of agriculture Ardanowski, farmers must protect their farms from the penetration of the disease or refuse the swine:

- This is especially true of small farms. It is better that they were potential hotbeds of disease that will harm not only neighbours, but also extensive territories in which we'll just have to liquidate livestock, - said the Minister.

The virus of African swine fever was detected in Poland in February 2014. Still was 190 outbreaks (of which 86 this year) in domestic pigs in five provinces, as well as 2 666 cases of ASF in wild boars on the territory of four provinces.


Source: the Chairman of the Kaliningrad branch of the interregional ecological public organization "Green front" Oleg Ivanov

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