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The Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation discussed with the Tambov Governor Outlook APK.
Governor Alexander Nikitin has informed the Minister that in the region implemented 17 major investment projects in the agricultural sector until the end of the year plans to invest 30 billion rubles. But in a number of areas require Federal support.
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The head of administration of Tambov region Alexander Nikitin discussed with the Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation Dmitry Patrushev results and plans for the development of agribusiness in the region, reported IA REGNUM in the regional Department of information policy at the end of the meeting, which was held today, August 14. The Governor also outlined a number of promising projects in the industry and asked to support them.

The Governor briefed the Minister about the pace of the harvest. To date, more than 2.3 million tons of grain with a yield of 34 t/ha.

Dmitry Patrushev noted the success of the Tambov region in the implementation of the program of sustainable development of rural areas. With the support of the Federal budget in the region is the continued work on improving the living conditions of the population, create new jobs, gas and water supply, and construction of new sports facilities and playgrounds in the village. So, in 17 years of operation of programs of social payments from the budget for the improvement of living conditions has received more than 3,200 participants. In the course of implementation of investment projects for 2016-2017 created more than 2,400 high-performance workplaces. Until 2025 will be created 3400 jobs.

"Today, work is underway on the construction of the greenhouse complex. Actively preparing to implement a major dairy project. Just this year, the region implemented 17 major investment projects. In the agricultural sector until the end of the year plans to invest 30 billion rubles. But in a number of areas require Federal support. And I am very grateful to the Minister for understanding," said Alexander Nikitin.

The Governor appealed to the Minister in support of the initiative about creation in Michurinsk agrarian University specialized Department of animal husbandry and veterinary. Specialists of this profile is in need of not only the Tambov region, but also other regions.

In relation to the major investment projects it is necessary to develop social infrastructure in rural areas, creating comfortable conditions for life to employees of agricultural enterprises. In the Ministry of agriculture sent a petition to the Federal project support a compact residential development near Tokarevskaya poultry. There are plans to build hundreds more homes for 450 people, as well as a kindergarten, sports and playgrounds.

Alexander Nikitin also invited Dmitry Patrushev to participate in Day of gardening in Michurinsk September 20-22.

Note that the agricultural sector in the Tambov region shows growth. In the I half of this year the gross volume of agricultural production increased by 20% compared to the same period last year. The volume of gross production of meat of cattle and poultry in live weight Tambov region took the second place in Russia after the Belgorod region. At the expense of input of new capacities positive dynamics is observed in the dairy industry in the coming years it is planned to double the production of milk.

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