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In Roskoshestvo told how to choose the perfect Apple
Roskoshestvo to check the quality of apples purchased in shops and markets and ordinary gardeners. Each sample was tested at 200 indicators. In the end, the organization has debunked the most popular myths about apples and gave recommendations on how they should choose.
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According to experts, in the first place we must look at the appearance of the fruit. Perfect Apple whole, clean and firm to touch. The surface must be dry, no damage, no plaque and dark spots and aging. Weighing the "right" Apple should not less than 90 grams, and its diameter should be at least six inches. Extra flavors and smells he shouldn't be.

As noted, most often in apples detected such defect, as the black specks on its surface. For humans they are not dangerous, although the Apple is a disease.

Pests in apples is not found, not found and genetically modified specimens of this fruit. Nitrates and radionuclides in them if they were kept in maximum allowable quantities.

Apples, rubbed with wax, researchers did not get caught. Although theoretically they assume that these apples might be on sale in our country. Especially if it is "glossy" apples imported from abroad.

In Roskoshestvo clarify that the wax on apples by itself does not pose a risk and washed off with water. But he may retain the pesticides statistics research shows "wax Apple" is almost always processed and pesticides.

All the details about apples can be found on the website of Roskoshestvo.

Photo: cvet-dom.ru

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