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In Primorye will be a large greenhouse complex
At WEF 11 September, the administration of Primorsky Krai, Russian agricultural Bank and the company "NC Lotus" has signed a tripartite agreement on cooperation. In "Mikhaylovsky" will be a greenhouse cost about 3 billion rubles. It will cover an area of 1000 hectares.
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A large and modern facility will allow us to saturate the region is ecologically clean vegetable products, according to the official website of the administration of Primorye. Will be provided not only internal needs of the region, but also strengthened the position in the Asian market.

Another agreement signed involves the creation of the biotechnological production of feed in the top Nadezhdinskiy Primorsky Krai. The implementation of the investment project will be engaged in Arnika, OOO. Required 3.8 billion rubles.

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