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The agriculture Ministry has no plans to carry out the purchasing grains and dairy intervention in 2018
The agriculture Ministry has no plans to hold public procurement of grains and dairy intervention in 2018, said the press service of the Ministry of agriculture.
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"The state purchasing interventions in the current year is unlikely. Intervention on the milk market is also not planned", - said the official representative of the Ministry.

He also noted that on Thursday at the National commodity exchange held regular auctions of grain from the intervention Fund on exports, the results of which was sold to 4.59 thousand tons of wheat of the third class of harvest in 2015 for a total amount of 54,162 million. "Since the implementation of grain from the state Fund for export this year has already been sold 556,51 thousand tons of grain at 5,254 billion (excluding terminated deals). Tomorrow date is not yet defined", - said the representative of the Ministry.

As previously reported, in total the auction is planned to sell 500 thousand tons of grain from the intervention Fund. While the results of 31 trading sessions were sold 499 130 thousand tons of grain (99.8% of planned), reported Ministry spokesman. At the moment, the bidding process continues, until the sale of grain in the amount of 500 thousand tons, he added.

In addition, the Ministry of agriculture is preparing a draft government order for implementation of additional volumes of grain on the domestic and foreign markets in 2018 or 2019 in the amount of 1.5 million tons. As reported in the Ministry, at present, the draft Directive was submitted to the government.

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