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In Vladivostok start production of chocolate eggs
The company "Goodwin" starts production of chocolate products in Vladivostok. For the implementation of the investment spent to 73.2 million rubles At the start it was stated 3 times less, reports the website of the Ministry.
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A resident of free port of Vladivostok is implementing the project under the agreement with JSC "Corporation of development of the Far East". There will be up to 30 new jobs.

The plant will produce chocolate eggs with a toy surprise inside, and biscuits. To do this, the procured raw material production in Russia, Germany and Finland, as well as necessary equipment, it is tested and ready for production.

At the initial stage it is planned to produce 5 thousand chocolate eggs in the day, in the future – 20 thousand pieces.

Source: http://sfera.fm/news



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