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"Rusmolco" has invested more than 300 million rubles in the development of seed
The company "Rusmolco" (a joint venture with Singapore's Olam Int.) started to develop a new direction and entered the market as a manufacturer and supplier of seed material of agricultural crops. In its development the company has invested more than 300 million rubles, according to The DairyNews with reference to the press service of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation.
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Seed production as a separate activity of the company arose in connection with the need to ensure households holding high-quality seeds. Today capacities of the company allow it to completely cover domestic needs for seed, and also to conclude contracts with buyers in other regions of the country.

The company has already implemented the enterprises of the Penza region and other regions of the Volga Federal district of about 2.3 thousand tons of seeds of spring crops and winter crops worth more than 50 million rubles. In 2018 "Rusmolco" has produced 3.5 tons of seed for sowing within the holding and implementation.

The basis for seed production activities of "Rusmolco" has become a professional seed farm, located in Bashmakovsky area of the Penza region. Here built a modern seed plant, and established transport and logistics infrastructure, there are dryers and warehouses for storage of finished products. A closed production chain allows us to develop high quality seed production. Land Bank of the plant is 12 thousand hectares.

Power of the seed plant "Rusmolco" allow the seeds of cereals, legumes, varieties of crops through the full cycle of technological operations: clearing, grading, seed treatment, inoculation and packaging. The production capacity is 10 tons per hour.

The plant is equipped with the most modern equipment of foreign and Russian companies, which allows us to obtain seeds of crops with high sowing qualities. The process is fully computerized. The company successfully cooperates with the originators of the varieties from Canada, Poland, France, and Germany.

The intensification of the production involving the use of high-yielding, adapted to local conditions varieties and allows to achieve better sowing conditions than imported seeds. The company strictly observes the technology of cultivation, uses evidence-based doses of fertilizers and pesticides, introduces the latest agro-technological techniques. All supplied seeds are accompanied by a complete set of necessary documents.

In terms of "Rusmolco" is the inference of seed plant design capacity of 25 thousand tons per year, as well as further development of partnership relations with world leaders selection.



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