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Russia is able to oust the U.S. market supply of cereals in Morocco
Russia is capable and can compete US in the market supply of cereals in Morocco. This was stated on Thursday President of the National Association of exporters of agricultural products of the Russian Federation Sergey Balan, who is taking part in the events of "Business mission" of the Russian export centre (REC) in Morocco. It is timed to the seventh meeting of the intergovernmental mixed Russian-Moroccan Commission on economic and scientific-technical cooperation.
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"The volume of Moroccan imports of grains depend on their own crops. And even if the harvest was good, it is still not enough to meet domestic needs. Minimum value of imports in year - 3 million tons, almost 10 million tons, - said the source. - We already supply in Morocco, soft wheat varieties, we are also able to deliver to the Kingdom of corn and barley".

"The market supply of grain in Morocco we can oust the Americans, at least because of the logistics costs. We are located closer to Morocco than the US, so freight is cheaper. Because most deliveries in Morocco grain coming from the black sea basin of Russia", - continued the balance.

"The French - a different situation, as Morocco is a traditional French market, for obvious historical reasons. But the quality of Russian wheat is sometimes not simply comparable, but above French wheat. Another factor is the price. We can always give and are given a price lower than the French", - he concluded.

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