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Fund AVG Capital Partners will build a dairy business in Bashkiria
Fund AVG Capital Partners Rustem Mirgalimov willing to invest in the construction of dairy farms in Bashkiria 6 billion.

To date, the Fund AVG includes several enterprises which are engaged in cultivation of grain, sugar beet, oleaginous plants and farming of pork. Dairy projects Fund Rustem Mirgalimov not engaged.

It is known that the Fund has registered a new company "Bashkir milk" and is now engaged in studying the possibility of building in Bashkiria dairy complex on 5-6 thousand heads. It is not excluded that the new project will include the processing of milk.

AVG expects to receive regional support, which involves subsidies of up to 30 % of the total capital cost and soft loans. As the representative of the Republican government, the region open to all investors coming into the region.

Source: http://sfera.fm/news



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