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The state Duma will consider on 9 October, the extension of the application of the patent taxation system on livestock and crop production
The state Duma will consider at plenary session on 9 October, the bill to expand use of the patent system of taxation, and the expansion of the list of payment card transactions subject to mandatory control. This was announced by first Vice-speaker of the lower house of Parliament, Alexander Zhukov following the results of Council of the Duma.
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"On Tuesday we have a busy agenda. The third reading will consider amendments to the Tax code which establish a special procedure for payment of tax by persons participating in the activities for creation of innovative scientific and technological areas", - said Zhukov.
In the first reading is expected to consider the bill on counteraction to legalization of proceeds of crime and financing of terrorism in the bill is expected to expand the list of transactions using payment cards issued by foreign banks which are subject to obligatory control, he added.
"There will also be amendments to the Land code and a number of bills, including expansion of the patent system of taxation, which include such areas as livestock and crop production", - said the Deputy.



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