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Preparing the lawn for winter will help to avoid damage in the cold season/
The great lawn sets off the flower beds and serves as the basis for the organization of places of rest in the garden, and due in large measure to his popularity today. However, in order to keep its attractive appearance, it needs constant care.
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With the advent of autumn and winter, in particular, the need to conduct a series of activities aimed at protecting the turf in unfavorable period.

The basis of the autumn lawn care are the following procedures:

  • mowing;

  • fertilizing;

  • aeration;

  • watering.

With a decrease in ambient temperature and decrease in solar activity, the mowing should be less frequent and at a higher altitude. However, to completely abandon it is not necessary, because the regrown lawn Poduyane and lie on the ground, creating obstacles for the growth of fresh shoots in the spring. The last haircut it is better to spend for two weeks before frost, the plants should grow to a height of about 8 cm.

Mandatory procedure for preparing a lawn for winter is the application of mineral fertilizers. It should be compositions with a high content of potassium and phosphorus. You need to make them in the evening before watering. If there are bald spots, you can interplant the grass mixture. To use a better one that was used originally. Buy quality grass seed mixture can, for example, on the website Semena.in.ua. Of course, the seeding can be left in the spring. In this case, the bald spots can be filled with mixture of sand, humus and compacted.

Important procedure during the preparation for winter is to clean grass cover. From the lawn you need to remove dried grass and leaves, otherwise after rain under them formed a high humidity and begin to develop a fungus. In addition, do not forget about the aeration of the soil. This procedure is, in fact, is a piercing of the turf with a garden fork, aerator or walk-behind tractor with a special attachment. This should be done in dry weather before the heavy rains. This will help water infiltrate into the ground and not accumulate at the top, forming with the cold ice.

During the winter cold also can not forget about certain rules of lawn care. In particular, the snow can not be discounted on the grass in a heap, it is better to distribute it evenly. It is impossible to prevent the formation of an ice crust, also need to limit walking on the lawn in the winter.

Adhering to these rules, you can keep a healthy grass cover with minimal losses and to provide quick restoration of spring warming.


Source: Internet-Agency "Crimtrac"

Translated by service "Yandex.Translation"