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Exports of agricultural products exceeded the export of arms, said Medvedev
Exports of agricultural products from Russia in the quarter exceeds the volume of arms exports, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, speaking at the agricultural exhibition "Golden autumn-2018".

"The volume of agricultural exports significantly, a quarter, exceeds the volume of Russian arms exports. And we were always in this sense is very weak country. This is a very important and at the same time a very pleasant fact," he said.


"Speaking today about agriculture, I personally do feel a sense of pride: in such a short period of time we really have a very strong agriculture in our country, which is considered as one of the largest agricultural countries in the world," — said Medvedev.


He expressed confidence that agriculture of the Russian Federation will continue to develop at the same pace. "Although we have not yet reached 40 billion dollars of exports, but I'm sure this figure we will be able to achieve. Because the volume of export that we have now — they're very inspiring," he added.



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