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Oryol oblast and the NSA will develop the infrastructure of weather stations for the purposes of insurance
The national Union of agricultural insurers in conjunction with the Department of agriculture Orel region will develop the structure of the meteorological stations to improve the availability of crop insurance programs. Talks about the project held on October 11 the President of the NRA of the Roots of biggov and Deputy Chairman of the Government of Oryol oblast on the development of agro-industrial complex Dmitriy Butusov in the framework of the working meeting, which took place at the twentieth Russian agricultural exhibition "Golden autumn" in Moscow.
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"Orel region – one of regions most actively developing agricultural insurance, the President said, NSA Roots of biggov. In 2017 she was in third place among Russian regions by the volume of the agricultural insurance market, which reached in the region 321 million RUB Practice several years revealed the need for development of a network of meteorological stations, as the main threats to the crops natural phenomena require for their confirmation of fixation conditions on the ground. To improve the situation, a solution would be the development of a network of private weather stations, but you must assign them an official status in the network of Roshydromet".

If the results of the experiment on the development of the structure of weather stations in the Orel region is positive, then the NSA will consider the possibility of extending it to other regions, said K. Bizhdov.

Also at the meeting were discussed the measures on insurance of winter crops in the Orel region.

According to the Bank of Russia on the market of the Oryol region in the 1st half there were 6 insurance companies. They signed 86 contracts of agricultural insurance, of which 9 contracts with the state (6 in crop insurance 3 – insurance animals). The premiums under these contracts amounted in the 1st half of 2018 93,8 million RUB Over the same period, insurers have paid out to the farms of the region insurance selkhozizdat 147,7 million RUB, all payments made on insurance with state support.

In 2012, for the period of validity of the law on state support of agricultural insurance agriculture Orel region received insurance payments in the amount of 765 million.



From 1 January 2016 at the market of agricultural insurance with state support is a single national Association, the national Union of agricultural insurers. Insurance companies, who are members of NSA do not have the right to enter into contracts of insurance with state support. The creation of a centralized system of agricultural insurance in the Russian Federation is provided by Federal law 22.12.2014 No. 424-FZ on amendments to the Law "On state support in agricultural insurance..." №260-FZ.

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