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What will change in the state agricultural support
In recent months officials of the Ministry of agriculture talked a lot about future changes in state agricultural support.
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I think they can strongly influence the direction of agricultural development. It became clear that for the state in agriculture is now the main export. By 2024, its volume need to increase to 45 billion dollars a year. The second point is the number of people employed in agriculture in the coming years, should increase of 126.7 thousand.

The Ministry of agriculture announced that the program of state support for agriculture will be extended until 2025. To the already existing programmes and forms of support add new. In the next two years under a single grant will reimburse part of expenses to plantation and care of perennial plantings. Will subsidize the vineyards, share of insured crop area and livestock of farm animals. When construction or modernization is administered compensation direct costs: greenhouse complexes — 10%, storage, and breeding and nursery centres in viticulture — 20%, the livestock complex dairy — 25%.

In the agricultural products insurance with state support abolish the threshold of crop loss. The size of the loss is not subject to reimbursement will be increased from 30 to 50% of the sum insured. The list of natural hazards will expand the list of agricultural risks complement. But the volume of compensation will be allocated differently depending on the volume of insured risks.

In the program there will be new projects: "the Export of agricultural products", "Establishment of support system for farmers and agricultural co-operatives" and "Digital agriculture".

Well, these measures to increase the volume of exports may succeed, but to attract more than 100 thousand people — no. Agriculture, working for export, the volume increase can. But they will do this through new technologies, upgrades etc. Which, by the way, often, on the contrary, imply a reduction of staff. If they are to build new facilities, the people, of course, employed, but not in such numbers.

To increase the number of employed in agriculture is possible only at the expense of self-employment and small enterprises. They rely in remote areas. Where people have no work. And they can feed the population with quality and fresh products. But for really effective support in the program I don't see anything yet.

Source: https://zen.yandex.ru/media/agronovosti/chto-izmenitsia-v-gospodderjke-apk-5bc64c8128c0c700aae7ebeb?&from=channel





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