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Putin said to reduce the chance for Western companies to return to the Russian market
The chances of foreign agricultural producers to return to the Russian market decreased in proportion to the duration of sanctions against Russia and the response of bradenburg, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"The longer it goes on, the less chance those who have gone from our market, to return to it", - Putin said at the discussion club "Valdai" in Sochi on Thursday.

"We do not see that something will cancel, so sleep well," said he, turning to the farmer to cheese maker Oleg Orphan.

"If you provide quality, and, apparently, you quality guarantee, if you are going to go to the external market, so the quality you have matches the quality of your competitors, but production costs, logistics is cheaper, so it will be very hard to compete with you, I think that is almost impossible. Moreover, if you build relationships with your networks, with the shops, they have very little chance," said the head of state.

However, according to him, the Russian manufacturers should be ready to open the market to manufacturers from Europe. "We must be ready to compete. You cannot assume that we are going to pinch, grab and not let go, to create exclusive conditions in the domestic market, because if we do, in the end your quality will fall, it's not just cheese, it concerns the whole range of agricultural production and not only", - said Putin.

"We need to create a natural competition on the market, but at least today we need to create competition between the domestic producers. We will do all we can to aspire to, but the volume of support of agriculture will not decrease", - said the President of the Russian Federation.


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