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"AGROSILA" sent on harvesting 1.3 billion in the new agricultural season
Farmers Holding company has completed the harvesting of grain crops and sugar beet
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"AGROSILA" directed on financing of the harvest in 2018 to 1.3 billion rubles. In particular, cleaning and logistics of grain and rapeseed was allocated 985 million rubles for digging sugar beet– 335 million roubles. Spring crops in the new season, the holding sowed more than 150 thousand hectares of arable land, and even in the first phases of cleaning achieved high yields. Industrial crops today removed 108.5 thousand tonnes from 27.3 thousand hectares, grain – 347,8 thousand tons 112,4 thousand hectares with the Average yield of grain made up 30.94, while winter wheat of 35.49 kg/ha. Also complete harvesting of sugar beet. Gross harvest of sugar beet in physical weight was 1 100 tons from 27.5 thousand hectares.

Deputy General Director of CJSC "agrosila" crop and animal husbandry Volodymyr Egorov: "In 2018 weather conditions for farmers was not the most favorable: the cold spring weather during the planting gave way to windy and arid in summer at maturity. This affected the yield of all crops in the first phase was negatively impacted by the unusually cold spring, then - the lack of rainfall. However, it should be noted that the applied innovative technologies has allowed to achieve proper performance, cleaning works are going according to plan. So, actively used self-propelled mowers, which allow the elevators to reduce the cost of drying grain and increase quality. Moreover, there are 17 storage of grain Fliegl, significantly optimizing the use of vehicles. Coupled with the technical equipment working and such innovative programs as the agriculture biologization and the system of grass crop rotation, the fractional application of nitrogen fertilizer and foliar application. Among the noticeable trends in the new season it is worth noting the increase in purchase prices for crop production compared to last year."

Today harvested hay 6 528,6 T. - made on a 127.4%; straw 40 868,3 T. - performed at 90.7%; silage 222 723,6 t - 131%; and the beveled 11 222 hectares silage corn - 106%.


"AGROSILA" - a leading agricultural producer in the Volga region. Vertically-integrated holding, including enterprises for production of grain, production of poultry meat, sugar and dairy products. The companies included in the "AGROSILA" are important elements in the development of the industry. "Chelny-Broyler" with a 65% market share of poultry meat in the Republic of Tatarstan, "Zainsk sugar" - 51% of the sugar market. Seed plant producing seeds for the agricultural companies of the Republic, a feed mill supplies feed meat and dairy production.

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