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Holding "Rosagromash" (hereinafter – the Company) is planning to optimize transport costs for Russian agricultural producers in the regions of company's presence with the launch of its own service network of orts for the delivery of products and flexible system of payment, the whole chain of logistics service.
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According Rosinmarket, of agricultural expenditure for logistics services currently comprise an average of 15% to 20%. Implemented by holding logistic model will allow agricultural producers to obtain the highest level of service while reducing operational costs, allowing them to focus on their core agricultural activities. Optimization services will facilitate the introduction of a private transport service.

The ORC will have its own service and transportation products (fruit and vegetables, etc.) directly from the field to storage and processing and packaging. Specialized large-tonnage and low-tonnage vehicles will be equipped with temperature sensors and tracked in the online system of orts. In this case farmers will be able to use its own fleet. Payment for services can be made after the sale of products from the trading floor of orts. In addition, the service will allow to export all types of products from areas of agricultural production directly from the fields.

"Rosagromash" plans in 2019 to open its first wholesale distribution centre (ORC) of agricultural production in Novosibirsk. The project cost eight billion rubles, the creation of a Federal network of such centres will cost approximately 200 billion rubles. The area under construction of center is 105 thousand square meters, capacity is 85 thousand tons of simultaneous storage. Next year "Rosagromash" plans to begin construction in Kazan and Rostov similar centres planned to open by mid-2020.


Holding "Rosagromash" created for the project of the Federal network of wholesale distribution centers (ORC) under the same brand. The goal of creating a network of orts "Rosagromash" - the formation of a common Federal platform for the efficient organization of handling, packaging, storage, transportation and sale of agricultural products, proper phyto-sanitary and veterinary control, effective inter-regional redistribution of agricultural products, as well as customs services for foreign trade flows of food. The initiator of the project "Rosagromash" is founded in 1994, a group of companies "Ermak". The main investors of the project are the State Corporation "Bank for development and foreign economic Affairs (Vnesheconombank)" investment company Proxima Capital Group.



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