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Irina Yarovaya: we legislatively fasten the equality of domestic manufacturers and retailers
The bill drafted by the Federal monitoring group "Fair price" of the "UNITED RUSSIA" protects the rights of buyers and local producers, and unanimously adopted by the State Duma in the second reading on Thursday, October 25, according to The DairyNews with reference to the press service of the faction "UNITED RUSSIA" in the Duma.
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"We legislatively fasten the equality of domestic manufacturers and retailers under the contract of purchase and sale for the benefit of our customers," - said the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma, head of the Federal monitoring group "Fair price" Irina Yarovaya.

She stressed that the establishment of the absolute prohibition on the return of retail chains products manufacturer with a shelf life up to 30 days – it is a consolidated position of the Government of the Russian Federation and the State Duma about the need for additional measures in the protection of domestic producers.

"Trading networks, as owners of goods, will not be able to pass on to manufacturer their risks and costs, compelling the manufacturer to buy back unsold product or exchange it without charge. Protecting producers from undue losses efficiently creates favorable conditions for expanding production and product range, improving product quality, which is undoubtedly beneficial to the buyer and positively for expanding the domestic food market", - said Vice-speaker of the state Duma.

"A draft law guaranteeing fairness and equality of the parties in the contract between manufacturers and trading networks, as the subjects of different economic forces is the protection of small and medium-sized businesses, as it eliminates the factor of unfair competition," said Irina Yarovaya.



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