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Valio began to deliver to Russia a drink based on oat
Finnish dairy group Valio has announced the conclusion to the Russian market a line of plant-based beverages under the brand of oats Oddlygood, said Wednesday in a statement.
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"An innovative line of herbal products, the production of which was established by the Finnish concern in Finland in February 2018, in November for the first time will appear on the shelves of Russian shops", — stated in the message.

Drinks Oddlygood are manufactured at the plant Valio in Finland, in the town of Turenki, organic oats. The Russian range is supplemented by two products — oat drink without additives by a volume of one liter and drink hot cocoa with a volume of 250 milliliters. The product will be presented in the premium segment. The novelty in the coming days will go on sale in the shops "Auchan" in Moscow and Prisma in St. Petersburg.


Valio, OOO is a Russian subsidiary of Finnish concern Valio, the leading dairy manufacturer in Finland, was established in 1994 in St. Petersburg. The focus of the company today is the production and sale of products manufactured on a single native plant in Russia, partnership enterprises, as well as import from Finland, baby food, non-dairy and lactose-free products. By 2017 Valio in Russia presents a range of more than 120 kinds of products.

The concern Valio is a leader in the field of milk production in the Finnish market and the largest recycler of raw materials supplied by local farmers. Valio recycles 80% of Finnish milk. Valio Oy is a private joint stock company owned by 17 cooperatives. Their owners, in turn, are six thousand farmers — milk producers. The range includes over a thousand items, the company's products are exported to more than 60 countries. The total number of employees Valio worldwide — four thousand men.

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