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NSA: Avian influenza has caused a total damage to the large enterprise of the Voronezh region.
In the Voronezh region, where according to preliminary data identified avian influenza, 68% of the chicken population of the region is insured in the current year in terms of state support. "NSA does not exclude the possibility of further spread of infection in the region", – said the President of the National Union of agricultural insurers the Roots of Beidou, commenting on the detection of avian influenza on one of the largest enterprises of the region.
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"In total, by the end of 2017, in the Voronezh region in agricultural organizations and peasant farms contained almost 8.6 million heads of chickens. Of these, 6.0 million heads are insured in the current year in terms of state support", - said K. Bizhdov.

According to him, insurance of risks of the epidemic in high demand farms. "The risk of avian influenza is covered by a policy of insurance with the state support, – said the Roots of biggov. – However, according to NSA, the enterprise "ptitseprom Bobrovsky", which suffered a total loss not insured on the terms of the subsidy". According to NSA, in the first half of 2018 in the region was concluded not less than 85 insurance contracts selkhozizdat that the state has so far not received.


"Received conflicting information with reference to the organs of the APK that the main cause of death of the livestock poultry enterprise was the power outage in late October that led to the deaths of almost 800 thousand heads of bird flu was detected only at a part of the population. I want to note that such losses are not uncommon for major poultry enterprises, – said the President of the NSA. – This risk is also covered by the insurance of livestock. A contract of insurance with state support protects against the risk of termination of power supply in the case that led to this disaster, and usually in addition, companies acquire at its own expense Zastrahovannoe the risk of an accident for any reason. If the enterprise "ptitseprom Bobrovsky" was the contract of such insurance, it could rely on compensation by the insurer".

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