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Bashkortostan can export meat and milk to China
In connection with the lifting of the ban on the import of meat and dairy products from Russia to China — the corresponding decree was adopted in China two weeks ago in Bashkiria plan to increase agricultural exports to China. For a number of food products production volume in the country exceeds domestic consumption. Beyond the region are taken 40% of the produced products. Milk and meat are considered the most promising exports to China.
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Thus, according to the Ministry of agriculture of Bashkiria, in 2017, the region produced 1.73 million tons of milk, providing domestic needs of 130%. This year, the forecast figures for milk are also 1.7 million tons. This indicates the potential to channel exports 30% of production. According to the Ministry of agriculture of Bashkiria, on intentions to promote their products in the Chinese market has stated Belebeevsky dairy plant.

The trade turnover is constantly growing: as States of the Bashkortostan customs, in the first 10 months, China ranked first in exports among the countries-partners of Bashkortostan with the proportion of 26.7%. Food products and raw materials for their production Bashkiria exported 772,3 thousand dollars, more than 200% exceeds the indicator of January-October last year (275,3 thousand dollars).



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