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Trump urges Americans to save the market from collapse
Donald trump calls to buy cheap shares. What is a statement similar to Obama's statement in 2009, whether to wait for growth of quotations?
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It's been almost 10 years since in the midst of crisis, President Barack Obama gave the green light for the purchase of shares, stating on March 6, 2009, which factors in the value of shares in relation to net profit dropped to those levels, when the purchase of securities becomes a bargain.

Now the current President, Donald trump has decided to repeat this number and urged Americans to buy cheap shares.

"We have company, the largest in the world, and they are all well, — said trump journalists in the White house for Christmas. — They have a record. So I think this is a great opportunity to buy. Really a great opportunity to buy."

Usually Donald trump does not comment on market fluctuations, only noting certain disasters, however, the record pre-Christmas collapse greatly angered the President.

In addition, in order to calm the markets, trump dispelled fears about a possible dismissal of the head of the fed Jerome Powell and Minister of Finance Mnuchin.

Answering the question about fed Chairman Jerome Powell, trump said the Central Bank "too quickly to increase interest rates, but I think they will soon understand this situation."


The day before, the day of the record collapse in the U.S. stock market, as noted by the portal "News.Economy," Donald trump said that "the only problem for the American economy is the fed."

Starting in July, 2018 45th President of the United States repeatedly criticized the current monetary stance of the leadership of the fed.

About Mnuchin trump said: "Yes, very talented guy, very smart man."

Recall that the rumors about claims to Mochino came after he met with the leaders of the largest banks and discussed the situation with liquidity. It is too much concerned market participants, the result on Monday, the indices collapsed again.

Returning to the first statement, trump, where he calls to buy the stock, it is worth noting that the fall in shares took place not on the background of emotional negativity, but because of changing conditions, primarily the reduction of liquidity.

Obama, the situation was quite different: then the financial system was pumped billions of dollars, and launched the QE program, now we see the withdrawal of funds and increased interest rates.


Source: IDK.EN

Photo: finmaxbo.com

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