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As pigs have become a symbol of the Bahamas
Creatures have chosen one of the uninhabited Islands
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A small area less than a square kilometer, uninhabited island of big major, located in the Bahamas, became famous thanks to the pigs. All of them are home to about two dozen, while animals are Pets — they are not afraid of people and are glad to see many boats with tourists who come here to take pictures with the animals and feed them.

Sometimes they even climb into boats to get ahead of the tribesmen and get more food. Although starving natives of the island call.

In his spare meeting time travelers pig lying on the beach or swim near the shore — its laid-back way of life they have conquered many tourists.

How do animals appeared on the island where they never lived people, is not precisely known, but there are several versions. According to the most romantic when their ancestors survived a shipwreck and swam to land.

However, those who speak more prosaically, convinced that pigs were brought here specifically to attract tourists.

Favored by animals sandy beach is called pig beach (Pig Beach — "beach pigs").

Tours to this island is considered one of the most popular tours that are offered to tourists in the Bahamas.

However, some guests arrive to the shores of the island on a private yacht.

Now, however, there appeared people who observe condition of animals and their diet. In 2017, several animals were killed, believed to be due to the fact that tourists were trying to drink their alcohol. The exact reason for install failed, but for some time to feed the animals vacationers banned. However, more such cases are not repeated.


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