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In the Leningrad region municipalities were given the right to fine for Hogweed
Up to 50 000 rubles fine can do inaction in respect of harmful plants on land settlements.
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The right to impose such penalties came from local authorities – changes in the regional law "About administrative offences" entered into force in January 2019. Amendments to the law take out a separate line of the fight against dangerous weed, define the concept of "removal of Sosnowski's Hogweed" and fines.

The rules of improvement of territories of municipal formations of the Leningrad region can be regulated by the removal of the weed on land settlements. The rules are obligatory for execution by all physical persons and individual entrepreneurs, legal entities irrespective of their organizational-legal form.

Under the removal of Hogweed Sosnowski refers to any action aimed at the destruction of the plant, including digging, mowing, clipping inflorescences, mulching covering materials, the use of chemicals.

Failure to take measures to combat Hogweed on the land of settlements shall entail the imposition of an administrative fine on citizens in the amount from 2000 to 5000 roubles, for officials – from 5000 to 20 000 rubles, on legal entities – from 20 000 to 50 000 rubles.

Protocols on administrative offences authorised to be officials of local governments.
Leningrad oblast was the first in Russia in 2011 adopted a program of struggle against Hogweed Sosnowski. The region allocates subsidies to agricultural producers and municipalities to combat a dangerous weed.

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