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Medvedev has positively assessed the impact of sanctions on agriculture
Entered against Russia sanctions have played a positive role for domestic production, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.
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The head of government on Friday held in Krasnodar, a meeting on the development of production of agricultural equipment in the framework of the national projects. He examined the company "Klaas", which since 2003, is an Assembly production of agricultural machinery, and in 2015 launched the second phase of the plant. With the conveyor out of the eight models of combine harvesters, four grain harvesters, eight tractors.

The Prime Minister climbed into the cockpit of a modern combine harvester working on advanced computer technology and the navigation system. Medvedev appreciated the level reached by the company, and the plant was recognized by its leaders, did not expect such a growth rate.

"Thanks to the sanctions that were imposed against the Russian Federation", - said Medvedev.

In 2006, the share of domestic equipment in agriculture hovered around 5-7 percent.

"In 2013, even before any kind of sanctions that were applied to our country, for agriculture, as you know, has played a positive role, because agriculture began to grow, we have a number of domestic agricultural machinery, which was in the fields, was approximately 25-30 percent," - drew the Prime Minister a schedule of the climb.

Today, Russian farmers are supplied with Russian equipment by 60 percent.

Photo: Sergey Kuksin/RG

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