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The FAS has proposed to simplify the export of agricultural products purchased on the exchange
The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) of Russia proposes to allow exporters of agricultural products to use exchange contract as a customs Declaration. This was announced by Deputy head of FAS Andrey Tsyganov.
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"Long had the idea, it continues to be worked, that the exchange of a contract may replace a customs Declaration: if you purchased the item on the exchange, you can safely send it for export. In terms of the tasks a significant expansion of export of Russian agricultural products, I think it can be an important incentive. This will solve the problem of export expansion, and the task of development of exchange trade," he said.

Deputy head of FAS pointed out that the demand for exchange-traded sugar and grain is, however, while the volume of trading in sugar is small. In the future, possible launch of trading with milk powder and other commodities (commodities), says Tsyganov.

"Now we are thinking to develop a mechanism that encourages producers to go public. It was not an encumbrance, but rather that the manufacturer has some "carrots" or "candy" received", - he added.




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