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The Ministry of agriculture called the minimum risks in the matter of export from Russia to Venezuela
The share of Venezuela in the export of Russian agricultural products is about 0.3%, therefore the potential risks for the Russian Federation because of the political crisis in Venezuela is minimal. This was reported in the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation.
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"The agriculture Ministry is watching the situation in Venezuela from the point of view of its influence on economic and trade relations between our countries. It should be noted that given the small share of Venezuela's exports of agricultural products of the Russian Federation (about 0.3% of the total) possible risks to our country are minimal", - said the representative office.

According to preliminary data of the Ministry of agriculture, trade of agricultural products, raw materials and foodstuffs between Russia and Venezuela in 2018 increased by 65% compared with the 2017 year and has exceeded $70 million In mutual trade of agricultural products is essentially dominated by deliveries from Russia.

At the end of last year, the export from Russia to Venezuela grew by 65.1% to $69.1 million, import increased by 58.5 per cent to $1.1 million Russian exports into Venezuela wheat and meslin, soybean oil, ethyl alcohol and alcoholic beverages, and imports from the Republic of ethyl alcohol, alcoholic beverages and cocoa beans.




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