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"Rusprodsoyuz" expecting growth of prices for bread
Executive Director of the Association "Rusprodsoyuz" Dmitry Vostrikov said that in the first quarter of 2019, the growth of prices for bakery products may be 6-7 %.
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He said that this is due to the increase in the wholesale prices of wheat, which lasts from August 2018.

Shipping price of bakery products affected commodity component. As explained by Dmitry Vostrikov, "the share of flour in the cost of bread is 30%, crackers and bagels almost 100%, cookies — more than 50 %".

Also the Director of Rusprodsoyuz added that from January 2018, the price of wheat flour increased by 30%, wheat bread-baking varieties 40%, coarse grains by 50%.

The Ministry of agriculture reported that the increase in the price of bread corresponds to the rate of inflation. According to 24 January 2019, the average price of bread from wheat flour 3% higher than the same figure recorded in 2018.

The Ministry added that the average price of bread from rye-wheat flour on 24 January 2019 equaled 38,85 rubles/kg, which is 0.9% higher than in the same period last year.



Source: https://sfera.fm/news/



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