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On one of the farms in South Korea found signs of foot and mouth disease
120 heads will be destroyed
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On one of the farms of the city of anseong, Gyeonggi province was discovered a viral disease foot and mouth disease, reports YTN.

January 28 at 11:00 (local time), 20 of the 120 cows on the farm was discovered symptoms of the disease.

The Ministry of food, agriculture, forestry and fisheries together with the city administration took the decision to destroy all 120 animals.

In addition, at the moment the question of the destruction of cloven-hoofed cattle on 8 farms, which are located 500 metres from the farm where foot and mouth disease discovered. It is known that on these farms is about 500 head of cattle and pigs.

Territory in 3 km from the source of infection was declared a forbidden zone. At the moment there is an epidemiological survey of the hearth to determine the exact cause of this viral disease.

FMD is an acute viral disease of animals. Most infected cattle, pigs, goats, sheep. The disease can be transmitted to humans through raw milk, meat and by contact with diseased animals.




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