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Dmitry Patrushev held a personal reception of citizens in the Government of the Russian Federation
The Minister of agriculture Dmitry Patrushev held a personal reception of citizens in the government of the Russian Federation. During the meetings they discussed the issue of preferential crediting of agricultural producers, the introduction of new biotechnologies in crop and livestock production and other issues
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Improvement of legislation in the field of GMOs, the Minister discussed with the staff of the Institute of biology of development. N. To. Koltsov of the RAS Alexander Gaponenko, who proposed to amend the law on state regulation in area genno-engineering activity and allow to use it in domestic agricultural production of genetically modified development of Russian scientists. To date, their use in the cultivation and breeding of plants and animals is prohibited, which, according to the scientist, creates a significant delay to the development of domestic crop production.

The Minister of agriculture, noted that currently, the direction is closely associated with genetics, are being developed by the office in the framework of the Federal scientific-technical program and invited professionals to participate in collaborative work that will contribute to the development of production and exports of high-tech products.

In addition, citizens were interested in issues related to the development of agricultural insurance. So, a farmer in the Altai Krai, Nikolai Leonenko proposed to consider the establishment of a state insurance company to minimize the risks of producers as a result of crop failure.

According to the Minister, the Ministry of agriculture has considered this issue and came to the conclusion that the creation of a specialized insurance company under state control, will reduce competition and monopolization in the market of agricultural insurance that will not contribute to the effective work of the insurance mechanism as a whole. At the same time, as said Dmitry Patrushev, the government pays great attention to the development of agricultural insurance in Russia. In 2019 under the "common" grants to support this direction provides about 1.5 billion rubles, which is almost a third higher than last year. In particular, Altai Krai in the current year will receive more than 10.6 million rubles for these purposes. Also as part of an unrelated support in crop production in 2019 founded nearly 1.4 billion: these funds will be allocated in priority to the insured acreage.

At the end of each meeting, the Minister instructed his deputies to work out the above issues and assist in their solution.




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