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Retail prices for meat and poultry in January has grown on 0,5%
Retail prices for meat and poultry in Russia in January rose 0.5%, most notably increased prices for Turkey meat. About it writes "Agroinvestor", citing data from Rosstat. The rate of growth is not specified. In December 2018, the average price of Turkey meat was on the level 361,88 RUB per kg.
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Pork for January and became cheaper by 0.4%. However, in comparison with the beginning of February 2018 prices 7.6% higher: 4 February 2019 pork (except for boneless meat) in Russia on average sold for 273,43 rubles. per kg. On February 5, 2018 was 254,02 RUB per kg.

The cost of eggs in the past month increased by 1.2%.



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