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Sheep-breeding complex "Miratorg" delivered the first batch of lamb 3 970 kg for processing in January 2019.
APH "Miratorg", the leader in production of main kinds of meat in Russia, reports that in January 2019, sheep-breeding complex of the agricultural holding has supplied the first batches of lamb at the meat processing plant of the company is 3970 kg live weight.
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The pilot sheep farm of agricultural holding "Miratorg" project capacity of 50 thousand heads of the single contents were launched in 2018. Today the farm is a unique Russian project for the industrial production of lamb from the content of livestock in closed areas, which guarantees a constant veterinary control, strict adherence to diet and consistently high quality meat.

Sheep farm "Miratorg", located in the Fatezhsky district of the Kursk region, provides a full production cycle - from breeding core with high genetics and breeding stock to fattening animals. Lambs kept in sheep-breeding complex up to 4-6 months and achieving weight 45-55 kg. production Centre meets the highest international standards: the production uses the technology of the countries leading in the sphere of sheep breeding, - Australia, UK.

The slaughter and butchery of animals is conducted on a high tech plant in the Bryansk region, included in APH "Miratorg". The company meets the highest international requirements for quality and safety of products and allows for deep cutting and processing of small cattle.

"We see strong demand from buyers for this product. In the future we plan to open multiple sheep breeding complexes in the black soil region. Scaling of the pilot project will improve the economic and physical availability of this type of meat for the population of Russia, and will contribute to the development of the export potential of the domestic meat industry," - commented the press service of the APH "Miratorg".

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