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"Agroterra" will continue to use the tools of advanced Analytics to maintain a competitive advantage in the market. A breakthrough in digital agriculture, the company plans to do with the help of SAS software.
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In 2018 "Agroterra" completed full survey of all agrochemical fields. In organizing its own modern laboratory, the specialists of "Agroterra" took more than 10 thousand soil samples and made more than 40 thousand analyses. The result of these studies was a detailed map of the agrochemical composition of the land. It allows you to more accurately determine which nutrients you need specific field. And software SAS allows to calculate the optimal quantities for each culture. Based on the obtained data, the specialists of the company have already made an autumn fertilizer for the harvest of the current season. Optimization of the supply of soils according to the principle "to each field according to his needs" will help align productivity, increase the economic effect from application of fertilizers and to better predict profit.

"Agroterra" will continue to test the tools in-depth Analytics and other production processes. Together the techniques of digital agriculture will help to effectively manage costs, reduce costs, and increase profitability. As a consequence, increase the profitability of the investment.

"In our area the price of products is formed without the participation of the company. To increase profitability it is important to use resources throughout the production chain, – said the Chairman of agrosvit "Agroterra", financial Director Irina Bychkova. – Optimization of plant nutrition is one of the ways to improve efficiency on each invested ruble. However, this technology is impossible without the use of advanced Analytics tools such as those developed in SAS. We believe that farming for the digital future. But we understand that we are at the beginning of the journey."

Financial results from the application of tools for advanced Analytics "Agroterra" estimated at the end of the season.



"Agroterra" — one of Russia's leading plant breeding companies. Engaged in the cultivation, storage and sale of crops. Handles land in Kursk, Lipetsk, Tambov, Tula, Orel, Penza and Ryazan regions. Cultivated crops: wheat, soybean, sugar beet, rapeseed, sunflower. Safety products provide 20 bases and silos with a total capacity of more than 500 thousand tons. The company is in the TOP 30 best employers of Russia is at this level, the only representative of the agriculture of the country.

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