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"Zainsk Sugar" has completed production season
The revenue of the Plant at the end of 2018 amounted to 5 billion rubles
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Plant "Zainsk sugar" ended the season of sugar beet processing in 2018. During operation, the plant took more than 1.2 million tons of sugar beet and produced 171,9 thousand tons to 42.8 thousand tons of molasses-molasses and 54.3 thousand tonnes of granulated pulp. The daily rate of processing when it reached 7.4 tons, but was reported indicators and more than 8 thousand tons of raw materials. Production has reached 1.1 thousand tons. The revenue of the Plant at the end of 2018 amounted to 5 billion rubles.

Deputy General Director of CJSC "agrosila", OJSC "Zainsk sugar" Anton Troshin: "In the new season we have increased the volume of processed beet – for comparison, last year the figure was 997 thousand tonnes. It should be noted that the total amount at the same time put the sugar beet of today is 320 thousand tons. Incoming raw material is stored in special piles, which occupy about 60% of the beet piling station. Beets are not stored for more than 1 month, after which is fed to the Plant. The other part of the raw materials, which is 140 thousand tons, is stored in clamps, equipped with a system of active ventilation. The retention period in this case is 70 days. Under these conditions, and the supply of sugar beet production are achieved with minimal loss of raw materials. In particular, in the new season, the loss of beets during storage decreased less than 1%".

On retooling the Plant in the new season has sent more than 180 million roubles, which allowed to replace at the production locations bagasse press, to equip playgrounds aeration and to make necessary technical updates. In season 2019-2020 expected to be processed at least 1.1 million tons of sugar beet. To ensure the quality and smooth operation within the framework of the investment program, the Plant will be reconstructed drying Department, implemented the installation of the tank treated water and ventilation in the warehouse of sugar, it is also planned to build an additional storage capacity of molasses and to acquire the necessary mechanisms and units.

In 2018, the Plant project was implemented bar-coding on each bag of sugar to ensure rapid and accurate records of manufactured products. To optimize costs and losses in production before the start of the season was the development of the platform aeration and cooling of the piles at the plant. In the same direction was revised logistics system acceptance and storage of the beets, which allowed fewer losses to keep the beet clamp in field. In addition, actively used storage of the beets in a small field clamps. The result was the production of sugar is higher in TS – 1.

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